Traveller of the Month: Lisa Blair

Australia's own Lisa Blair set off earlier this year from Albany, Western Australia to circumnavigate Antarctica. 

She set off on her yacht, Climate Action Now, to raise awareness about the impact of climate change. Her goal was to complete the journey within 100 days and to be the first woman to circumnavigate Antarctica on a solo expedition. Stronger than expected winds caused her mast to snap and forced the 32 year old from Queensland to stop over in Cape Town, South Africa for 2 months to repair the damage.

After a 184 day journey Lisa completed her journey, and will forever be the first woman to have done so, what an achievement!

"It was as hard as I imagined and even harder at times but it was one hell of an adventure and that's what I was out there for."

Read more about Lisa's amazing journey here

 Photo Credits: Twentieth Letter

Photo Credits: Twentieth Letter