Is travel killing the planet?

 Leave no trace!

Leave no trace!


Small steps lead to better habits

It can be easy to forget about our environmental responsibilities when we head off on holiday. With global warming consistently on the rise, it's more important than ever to make a conscious effort to reduce our carbon impact whilst on holiday.  Here a few ways you can do your part.

Power down

Before you leave home, ensure you turn off (at the power point) all appliances. If possible even empty out your fridge and turn it off - this will also save you loads on your energy bill while you're away!

shop local

Shop locally while you're away, and use it as an opportunity for a culinary adventure- sampling some of the local produce on offer. Also, organic foods use around 30-50% less energy to produce than mass produce. Purchase local souvenirs, this will not only help support the local community but also help reduce transport emissions created from importing goods.

human power

To benefit not only the environment, but also your health, get around on human powered transport! Rent or borrow bicycles or strap on your walking shoes, breath in the fresh air, and you'll probably see more than you would in a car.

travel old school

Flying is quite possibly the worst thing you can do for the environment on you holidays, contributing about 75% of the global tourism industry's greenhouse gas emissions. Use local public transport, carpool, or take a train!

TRavel equipped

It's easy to get lazy while travelling, particularly in terms of recycling, reusing and other good habits, thinking "oh it's only while we're on holiday, it's not a big deal", you can only imagine the impact if everyone thought this way.  Buy a reusable water bottle you actually like to use and refill it instead of buying plastic, use recycling facilities when available etc.  Remember that there are 5 trillion reasons why we should be reducing our plastic waste.

be conscious

If staying in a hotel, your room may be cleaned everyday. Try to get extra use of your towels - when do we ever only use a towel once at home anyway? Also, turn off lights and air-conditioning/heating when you're out. It's easy to think "I'm not paying for it", but it comes down to looking after the environment.

choose canvas

Our best and favourite tip: GO CAMPING! Is there anything better than being without technology for a few days? Cost effective, good for the environment and good for your mind and body!