The Outback

Outback Australia - The South Australian National park of Flinders Ranges is a jewel in the vast ancient outback.  vivid colours and majestic scenery offer a spiritual journey into the outback that has inspired film-makers, photographers and painters. 


Our Top adventure ideas for the outback:

  1. Hiking - the best way to view the park is taking one of the many hiking trails
  2. Adnyamathanha art sites at Sacred Canyon or Arkaroo Rock
  3. Camping in the great Australian outback doesn't get much better
  4. Cycling along the Mawson trail from the South to North
  5. Rock climbing
  6. Scenic flight over the Wilpena Pound

Best time to visit the Outback

This part of Australia is best enjoyed between Autumn to Spring when temperatures and most enjoyable.

Our Price guide:

Pricing varies depending on travel needs and what would you like to experience.  

Flinders Ranges - the natural environment

Flinders Ranges National Park appears in stark contrast to the surrounding plains of South Australia's outback terrain.  Stark peaks and rock escarpments provide shelter to a whole host of local flora and fauna and a number of Aboriginal peoples who shared a common cultural heritage based on the knowledge of land and life called Yura Muda. 

The park is part of a chain of ancient mountains that stretch north from Port Pirie.  The highest points of the park are almost insignificant to the mountains that would have existed millions of years ago and have since eroded.

Outback Australia adventures

Above all, the park offers an incredible opportunity to view the natural beauty and diversity that exists in the outback. For those seeking a bit more, there are an abundance of opportunities to fire up the legs, heart and lungs.  

  • Hiking on one of the many great trails that takes in the Wilpena Pound.
  • Cycling part of the 900km Mawson Trail.
  • Scenic 4x4 adventures or scenic helicopter flights
  • Rock climbing and abseiling
  • Outback camping under 1 million stars.
  • If camping isn't your thing, accommodation can be arranged.  

How to get to Flinders Ranges

Flinders Ranges National Park is approximately 450km north of Adelaide.