The best solutions come from diverse thinking and our team are passionate about making a difference in the world,


Mark McOnie


"The dream started in 2014 when I created Branch Out as a means of sharing my love of nature and the outdoors with my children.  The diversity of what we now offer to families, kids and corporate teams is so inspiring, but most of all I love that we make a real difference to peoples lives.  That is 100% what Branch Out is about."

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People Experts

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Chris Brown

Director & Head of Travel

Head of our travel business, Chris has 20 years of leadership experience within corporate Australia.  With a signature strength in technology and innovation, Chris is a master problem solver and trouble shooter balanced with a pragmatic ability to focus on what needs to be done.

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Hannah Veen

Head of Partnerships & Product

Hannah joined the team in 2016.  As the business has grown, Hannah has adapted to take on more and more responsibility across all of our operations including all major events and corporate facilitation. 

Hannah is an athlete, a facilitator and is our key conduit between our tour operators and our customers.  

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James Ruta

Marketing Specialist

James is an entrepreneur, marketer and winner of the L'Oreal Brandstorm competition.  James' ideas, creativity and skills are at the front on our marketing planning.

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Adventure Guides

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Robbie Smith

Adventure Leader

Robbie started with Branch Out in 2014 and has been an integral part of our Explorer Club program ever since.  His skill in working with kids is incredible.  In his spare time, Robbie proudly volunteers his services to those less fortunate in our community.

Adventure Crew

Georgia Lange

Jessica Hitchcock

Espen Ombler

Paige England

Doug Suter

Georgia Easthope


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