Uluru, 'The Heart of Australia', needs little introduction.  Visitors to the iconic centre of Australia are touched by the deep spirituality that exists in this magical part of the planet.  It is a place that is so uniquely Australian and a significant window into our planets human history.    It really is the perfect destination for one of the best adventure holidays in Australia


Top things to do in Uluru:

  1. Immerse yourself in the culture of the Pitjantjatjara people
  2. Watch the sunset at Uluru
  3. Take in a sunrise at Kata Tjuta
  4. Sleep in a swag under a million stars
  5. Take an aerial view on a helicopter flight
  6. Tour the desert on a camel
  7. **Please respect the local people and refrain from climbing Uluru.**

Best time to visit Uluru

Uluru is a desert climate and receives an annual rainfall of around 285mm a year.  UV levels are extreme through October to March with temperatures falling between 35-38 degrees.

A great time to visit Uluru is between April - October.

Our price guide:

Prices vary significantly from season to season.  Depending on your accommodation preferences and your activity needs, expect a weeks budget of between $2000-$4,000 for a family of four.


Uluru - The Natural Environment

Uluru is a sandstone monolith that south west of Alice Springs.  Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, many visitors are surprised at the amount of water that is available in and around Uluru.  The area offers an abundance of waterholes, rock caves, springs and ancient paintings.  Uluru is a major part of human history in the area and is a significant and sacred place to the Pitjantjatjara people.

At 348m high, Uluru has a circumference of 9.4 kms and is home to a significant vast array of flora that  exists in central Australia and also home to around 21 species of animals. which due to changes in the local habitat has been in decline.

Local Aboriginal people recognise five seasons:

  1. Wanitjunkupai (cooler weather) - April/ May
  2. Wari (colder season) -  June/ July
  3. Piriyakutu (flowering and animal breeding) - Aug-Oct
  4. Mai Wiyaringkupai (hot period) - Nov/ Dec
  5. Itjanu (Stormy) - Jan-March

Uluru-Kata Tjuta - the ultimate Australian adventure holiday

Our adventure tour will start with a journey from Alice Springs.  This offers a chance to see the area surrounding Uluru, particularly Mount Connor, the salt lakes and Yulara - a great place to take a guided tour around Uluru and camp under the stars. 

Also visit Kata-Tjuta, Valley of the Winds and Watarrka National Park (Kings Canyon) taking the opportunity to sleep once again under the stars listening to the sounds of the desert.  

Absorbing the local heritage, the stories and being at one with the desert allows you to truly experience the power of this part of Australia.  Optional extras include: hotel accommodation which may suit some better, but if you can, sleep under the stars.  

How to get to Uluru

Uluru lies 335km south west of Alice Springs, though it is actually closer to 450km by road.