Victoria is known as Australia's 'Garden State' for good reason.  The lush green rolling hills, stunning beaches and rich diversity of flora and fauna ensure that every corner provides a new perspective.


Top Adventure Activities in Victoria:

  1. Surfing along the Great Ocean Road
  2. Adventure camping at the Cathedral Ranges
  3. Rock Climbing at The Grampians
  4. Hiking at Wilson's Promontory.  
  5. Stand Up Paddle Boarding anywhere - Port Phillip Bay, Wilson's Prom, The Mighty Murray River.

Best time to visit Victoria

Victoria is a gem all year.  Cooler winters open up for great culinary opportunities, red wine and hiking, whilst the summer opens up some great beach and water opportunities.  

Our price guide:

Our Victorian Adventures range from single day experiences to week long expeditions.  

Victoria - the natural environment

Home to the nations cosmopolitan city, Melbourne, Victoria is diverse.  Cooler winters and hot summers have laid wake to the state nickname 'The Garden State' and what a garden it is.  Beaches, mountains, lakes, grasslands, world-class rock climbing, surfing, skiing and even wine making...Victoria has it all.

The best adventures in Victoria

The diversity of Victoria offers many great opportunities to travel and see a different side of Australia.  Here are our favourite things":

  • Hiking in the Alpine National Park.
  • Surfing along the West Coast of Victoria including the famous Bells Beach - which takes in the magnificent Great Ocean Road.  
  • Hot Air Ballooning on crisp mornings provides an unrivalled view of Victoria.
  • Combing rock climbing, kayaking and cycling all in one day in Australia's Adventure Capital, The Grampians.
  • Hiking along almost Jurassic scenery at Wilson's Prom.

Visit Victoria

Fly into Melbourne Airport or take one of the many scenic roads into Victoria along the coast.