Visit Victoria- Heaven Of Outdoor Adventure Activities

The breathtaking scenery and distinct geographical richness invite your attention to Victoria. Outdoor activities always fascinate tourists; just pack your bags and head to Victoria, a paradise for adventure lovers. Take a map, charge your camera and you are ready to go.

This place is close to the mainland, therefore rides are available there. But preferably visit this place on two-wheelers, hike on mountains, and ride on slope and experience Goosebumps of excitement. Float high on an air-filled balloon, water-ski and fall on the grass, enjoy every Adventure Activities in Victoria and capture those moments in your heart forever.


Adventure Activities in Victoria

VICTORIA is known as Australia's GARDEN State for good reason.  There are just so many adventure activities in Victoria and so much to see.  The lush green rolling hills, stunning beaches and rich diversity of flora and fauna ensure that every corner provides a new perspective on this wonderful state.


Top Adventure Activities in Victoria:

  1. Surfing along the Great Ocean Road
  2. Adventure camping at the Cathedral Ranges
  3. Rock Climbing at The Grampians
  4. Hiking at Wilson's Promontory.  
  5. Stand Up Paddle Boarding anywhere - Port Phillip Bay, Wilson's Prom, The Mighty Murray River.

Best time to visit victoria

Victoria is a gem all year.  Cooler winters open up for great culinary opportunities, red wine and hiking, whilst the summer opens up some great beach and water opportunities.  

Our Price guide:

Our Victorian Adventures range from single day experiences to week long expeditions.  

Victoria - the natural environment

Home to the nations cosmopolitan city, Melbourne, Victoria is diverse.  Cooler winters and hot summers have laid wake to the state nickname 'The Garden State' and what a garden it is.  Beaches, mountains, lakes, grasslands, world-class rock climbing, surfing, skiing and even wine making...Victoria has it all.

The BEst adventures in victoria

The diversity of Victoria offers many great opportunities to travel and see a different side of Australia.  Here are our favourite things":

  • Hiking in the Alpine National Park.
  • Surfing along the West Coast of Victoria including the famous Bells Beach - which takes in the magnificent Great Ocean Road.  
  • Hot Air Ballooning on crisp mornings provides an unrivalled view of Victoria.
  • Combing rock climbing, kayaking and cycling all in one day in Australia's Adventure Capital, The Grampians.
  • Hiking along almost Jurassic scenery at Wilson's Prom.

visit victoria

Fly into Melbourne Airport or take one of the many scenic roads into Victoria along the coast.